About Us

E2 is an award-winning provider, including HP’s Crystal Award as Best-in-Class Partner. Founded in 1994, E2 now has six offices located in the U.S. and around the world, including corporate headquarters in California and European operations based in Germany.

E2 Solutions offers a range of business and technical solutions for commercial and government customers in areas such as financial management, systems integration, performance improvement, healthcare, food & beverage, asset management, and network and systems management. We have experience in serving customers in selected markets including:


Healthcare AI


Defense Agencies and Aerospace Defense Contractors


Commercial Enterprises


Research Laboratories

At E2, we partner with our customers and strive to provide best-in-class solutions to address complex and resource challenges. We firmly believe in building trust with our customers through results, quality, integrity, innovation, and responsive services.
Our team is staffed with experienced and technology savvy professionals and leaders. We work closely with the management and technology executives at our customers.
Ajay Keshap
CEO E2 Corporation
Dr Niren
MD Creighton University
Medical Residency – Harvard University
Dr. Joon Sup Lee
MD Cardiology Duke University School of Medicine
Chief Medical Officer
Dr Dale J Misczynski
MBA Kellogg School of Management
Ex VP Motorola
Andy Dunn
Director of Operations Papa John's
Carrie Meyers
District Manager
Jim Miller
Director- Denny’s Operations